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EB11 offers bespoke family and business advisory services with international expertise.

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ΕB11 Boutique Advisory provides clients with asset and wealth management services
as well as financial tax and estate planning.

Wealth and Assets

Wealth planning and Asset management is of great importance. It covers all your assets wherever they may be. Structuring yet extending, protecting and preserving your wealth, such planning also includes preparing for transfer to the next generation on a tax-efficient basis. Wealth planning blends tax planning, wealth protection, estate planning and business succession planning. We offer an extremely high level of personalized approach and confidentiality not available from larger product-driven financial institutions.

Real Estate

Investing and managing Real Estate is beneficial as long as you have the important sectorial and local market knowledge. Our target is to assess our clients needs and investments and maximising the returns by presenting suitable opportunities and aligning the capital risk. Sophisticated trend analysis, unmatched local market knowledge, and deep operational expertise allow us to swiftly capitalize on opportunities and optimize every aspect of real estate to create the most value possible.

Technology, Energy and Vehicles

Inevitably, as technology develops the world changes. Information and efficiency have merged with internet, mobile technologies, smart cities and cloud, eventually are leading the way to a new environment and lifestyle. Green energy, renewable sources and electric vehicles are also playing a vital role in today’s future world. EB11 offers strategic advise and solutions in the aforementioned sectors.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting supports businesses at strategic, operational and financial level. Following a customized approach for each client and focusing on their concerns, we understand their particular issues in depth and comprehend their needs, hence designing and implementing effective solutions to their needs. We implement digital transformation, integrated business methodologies and practices in a coherent manner in order to guide and support our clients in major strategic, operational, financial, and administrative issues they face.

Venture Capital & Funding

Building a market-leading business requires a sustained period of extraordinary growth. EB11 helps management teams find the capital needed to enable this growth. We support businesses that seize the opportunity to grow and utilise their unique value proposition.

M&A Advisory

At EB11 boutique advisory, we draw insights from all corporate finance disciplines and think strategically alongside you from beginning to end. Our expertise in corporate positioning can open up the transaction to non-obvious buyers and bring a wider network of potential partners.​


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About Us

ΕB11 is a progressive, dynamic company providing services and solutions for clients in both their business and private affairs. With background in private client and investment banking as well as extensive family and business advisory experience, we provide a range of strategic services with an emphasis on being proactive.


Our strategy is to assess and maximise our clients needs and investments by presenting suitable opportunities and aligning the capital risk. We work with HWI, top executives and board members to help them shape and materialise their desirable future.


Our successful business development is driven by people . It is our staff whose dedication and expertise help to bring about change .


We employ an innovative business model, based on a flexible approach to forming project teams, combining our outstanding in-house team with cherry-picked independent consultants and industry experts.


We are willing to help you with any questions or problems you have . Dont hesitate to contact us bellow for any quieries !

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